Construction Aggregates

Yager Materials is a premier construction aggregate supplier and distributor along the Ohio River and the tristate region around Owensboro-Daviess County. We offer a large assortment of construction materials including sands and fine aggregates, dense-grades, coarse aggregates, and armor stone.

Through our retail yards, we are able to meet the demand for large commercial, DOT and Oil & Gas related construction projects. We also happily serve the local retail market for contractors, landscapers, and smaller residential builds.

Our products are state certified for use in roads, airport runways, structures, foundations and are also approved for use on Federal projects by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Both pick up and truck delivery options are available. Contact us today for your construction material needs. Click here to find a location near you: LOCATIONS

Rip-Rap & Derrick Stone

Yager Materials produces high quality rip-rap and derrick stone perfect for erosion control along river banks, creek beds and storm water removal systems. Our rock makes great channel lining and is ideal for stabilizing drainage ditches and roadside hill cuts.

Gravel & Sand

Our sand and gravel products are approved for residential and state work. We supply gravel that is 99.9% free of calcium, making it ideal for landfill, roofing and under drain applications.

Our sand is clean and free draining, perfect for fill usage on massive-scale construction projects like highways, airports, lock and dams, landfills and golf courses.

We provide mason sand – a very fine sand that has been cleaned and screened. Mason sand is ideal for mortaring bricks or cut rock for walls and patios. It can also used
for playscape areas.

It is worth mentioning that our sand is used by numerous concrete plants in the region to produce ready-mix concrete.

Cyclopean Rip-Rap

Yager Materials can produce and/or install rip-rap and channel lining on your next project. We have extensive experience from small to large projects along the Ohio River.